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About Phoenix Yoga | Our Why

Hi there! I'm Marisa, yoga teacher and founder of Phoenix Yoga. 

I discovered the practice of yoga in 2018, originally just looking for a workout I could do from home while juggling motherhood and a career. After consistently taking classes, it was clear that I was getting more than that. I noticed some really positive changes in my life - I felt lighter, happier, and healthier. I've made yoga a part of my every day since then, making it more of a lifestyle than a habit. 

I created Phoenix Yoga to inspire others to pick up a mat and form a consistent yoga practice. I aim to help make it easy through my classes and products 🤍

Phoenix Yoga is here to serve as a space for growth. Many people shy away from yoga thinking they have to be flexible, have amazing balance, and be in shape. Yoga is for everyBODY, race, age, and experience level.  Ready to get started?

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